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November 23, 2018/ Shopify Plus review a look at the e-commerce platform’s pros and cons
23 Nov

Shopify Plus review a look at the e-commerce platform’s pros and cons

advantages of shopify plus

The Shopify Plus is the most popular and commonly used SaaS eCommerce platform which is specifically designed to meet the demands of the mid-level and enterprise-level online retailers. As it is the most appealing platform which can provide lower technical overhead for managing the scalability and other management functionality. As per the recent growth phase of different designing platforms, the mid-level online retailers mostly preferred the Shopify plus for designing their website.

In other processes, the Shopify Plus can provide flexible and vast designing properties similar to the Magento platform. As it is the perfect solution for managing the large catalogues, fulfil the muti-store requirements, balancing the product and non-standard product attributes, complex integration of bespoke systems, ongoing development requirements, etc.

Thus, the Shopify can provide several kinds of benefits for the retailer. Such as:-

Competitive pricing

The pricing structure of the Shopify plus would be increased fairly with a maximum possible cost. The main significance of Shopify plus platform is it never require any types of ongoing maintenance cost, never need the support of retainers as well as any hosting fees etc. the additional charges of Shopify plus include the external payment gateways which usually incurs its transaction fees. If you want to design your website with Shopify plus, then you need to have an account manager on hand to help with a lot of tasks.

Easy to maintain

As compared to other platforms, the Shopify Plus can provide a very low maintenance overhead, does not require system updates, module upgrades as well as the security patches. In addition to this, the Shopify Plus are also assigned to the account manager who will handle the technical issues and provide the necessary guidance for handling the online store. It can handle the front-end suggestions, fixing the bugs, finding the proper apps as well as handling other issues.

It can reduce the maintenance of the retainer which is basically required in case of other platforms. Moreover, Shopify Plus is a straightforward admin interface that is essential in the Shopify Plus backend for the proper balance of order management, create and edit categories, product management, etc to handle the common platforms on the market.



Scalable Platform

Shopify Plus is the most frequently used website design platform which can take the pressures of eCommerce platforms around the key trading peaks. As it is also covered the monthly license fees for managing the Shopify’s internal team.

Hosted SaaS platform

As we know that Shopify is a SaaS platform which is opposed to performing the self-hosted solutions like other eCommerce platforms such as Magento. As it is used for considering the designing process of a website as well as the time and money normally spent on its hosting management that would be put into your marketing and product development processes.

Apart from this, it also benefited to provide self-hosted solutions for managing the hosting relationships, dealing with the downtime and handling the issues related with the peaks. As it is a very appealing proposition in the eCommerce world.

Usability of Shopify Plus

The main target of Shopify Plus is to split the designing process into two categories such as split the large brands with small as well as the simple catalogs to fulfill the demands of the mid-level retainers with relatively simple requirements and product catalogs. In other hands, the Shopify Plus will develop its catalog management for handling the product attributes and product types. It has the multi-store capabilities which can increase the suitability of larger and complex projects.

Comparison between Shopify Plus to Magento

When people are looking for different eCommerce platforms for designing their websites, they are also considering the newly developed Magento platforms. The different versions of Magento platform available in the market, it seems to be the biggest competitors of Shopify Plus to build the complex online store websites, B2B stores, international stores that can get the Magento’s biggest strengths. The Shopify Plus websites are using the third-party apps, so it is naturally flexible as compared to Magento with the native functionality of the Magento platform.

In other hands, the  Shopify Plus can include the visual merchandises enhancing the B2B features, attribute management, tiered pricing and other options for managing the different customer groups. The Shopify Plus can provide other features within your website such as managing the product types and international nuances etc. apart from this, there are several things handle by the Shopify Plus that natively doesn’t handle by the Magento and few of its inherent features never achieved by the same and a higher level of Magento.

comparison between shopify plus and magento


From the above points, it clearly proves that Shopify Plus is a strong solution for mid-level retailers to promote their brands without considering any of the phases of complex requirements. As compared to the other eCommerce platforms, Shopify Plus is going to require less maintenance as well as ongoing development work and require less percentage of technical knowledge. So hire professional Shopify Developers for your ecommerce website.



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