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Cost- of-website-maintenance
Reliable Cost of Website Maintenance


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If you already have a website to represent your business online then you have to invest an amount of money to keep it optimized and engaging. The website cost includes several things such as domain registration, software updates, site security, and other features can be added to it. If you have d...

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December 14, 2018/ Reliable Cost of Website Maintenance
14 Dec

Reliable Cost of Website Maintenance

Cost- of-website-maintenance

If you already have a website to represent your business online then you have to invest an amount of money to keep it optimized and engaging. The website cost includes several things such as domain registration, software updates, site security, and other features can be added to it. If you have decided to hire an expert for handling your website, then first you need to know about the cost of website maintenance.

Once the website is built, it’s your responsibility to take the proper care of the website. The website maintenance can be categorized into two main types:

  • The first maintenance process used to define the integrity of the website code means the code which allows your website to display its functions.
  • The second maintenance process includes the regular updates of website content.

Thus, the website maintenance is constantly burning down the extension, plugins and the framework of the websites which need to update for reducing the bugs and hacking.

Upgrade the website frameworks

The websites also need to upgrade like other software applications for getting the new version features and fixing the security flaws. If you don’t upgrade the website, then you unable to take advantage of new features for the proper assessment of the website. So, it is advisable to keep your website updated with the latest version. If your website is hosted with a standard hosting service then you have to pay for the hosting place for performing the necessary upgrades. So, you are also responsible for maintaining the website frameworks.

Upgrade the plugins and extensions

To increase the different features of the website such as a video player, photo gallery, social media feed, etc. by adding the several kinds of plugins and extensions. When these applications are expiring and need to upgrade, then don’t neglect it otherwise the hackers access your website. Once you install a new plugin, make sure that the plugin doesn’t impact the performance of the website. Now the websites frameworks also alert you regarding the upgrade of plugins and extensions.

Website maintenance costs

The website maintenance cost starting from the web hosting process which depends on the complexity of the website and bandwidth used by the website. The hosting cost can be varied as per the small to mid-size businesses. Apart from the website hosting, you have to pay for the domain name and SSL as well. Through SSL you can provide extra security to your website. As per the size of the website, you can take the backup of the website to protect it from malware and other hackers. The cost of the backup service is calculated on a monthly basis depending on the frequency, size, and types of backup you need.


Website maintenance services

The website maintenance service packages monitor and keep your current website updated. The maintenance of the process consider these following things

  • Take the backup of the old website and create a duplicate website in another server for designing and updating it before putting it online.
  • Perform the necessary upgrades of the duplicate website and make sure that nothing breaks during testing.
  • Move the newly upgraded website to a live website server and replace the older version of the website by taking the backup. Test again.

Website maintenance cost ranges

If you want to find a good parallel for your website, then you have to go through the below given common prices and ranges.

Personal blog sites

As we know that the blogs are generally defined as low key websites which contain low traffic and maintenance as well. For designing a blog site the hosting plans and performance are implemented as per the needs of the website. These websites generally have only a few pages of contents and functionalities with small pictures and actively viewing by few people. As it is cost you only $5 to $30 per month.

Commercial blog sites

These blog sites are a little bit different from the personal blog sites and usually have little more functionality with many page contents and having a large viewing audience. These websites are provided strong security to the ward off malicious activities arises in the websites and influence the audience to view the website to a large extent. The price for maintaining these websites are $20 to $100 because these websites are strong enough to handle all the large influx traffic of the website which is coming from the highly shared blogs or articles.

Business websites

The business websites refer to the websites of a small to medium-sized businesses in which they have to pay for the domain and hosting space. These types of websites are generally built with high performance and little content as well as functionality. As it is only used for representing the business online, so it will run with a small pay per click campaign. Moreover, the cost of these types of website maintenance is from $100 to $300.

Uncustomized e-commerce websites

Next phase and set up of the business website is the uncustomized eCommerce website which includes the eCommerce solutions and functionalities for consistently updating the business products and viewing the orders as well. These types of e-commerce websites maintenance cost you between $200 to $400 and mostly used for eCommerce sales. But it will never get a high volume of traffic for the website.

Customized eCommerce platform

The customized eCommerce websites are generally built for representing a large number of online sales. As it is a customized platform, so the design and performance of the website are basically optimized for visitors engagement and interactions. These types of websites are high in cost due to the top-tier website hosting and advanced website security to keep the malicious activities away and secure the transactions. As its cost lies between the $500 to $1000.


Like our body parts, the website also needs regular maintenance and updates to make it user-friendly and secure. Hire experts from WebCrayonsBiz to take care of your website updates and let you focus on your core business. In this way, you will enjoy all the latest updates of a digital world and easily compete with your competitors without facing any difficulties.




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