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September 3, 2018/ 9 Top Javascript Frameworks for Mobile App Development
3 Sep

9 Top Javascript Frameworks for Mobile App Development

Mobile App development

Mobile apps on various platforms like Android, iOS are coded using different programming languages. An iOS app is coded by Objective-C, an android app is coded using Java. However, with sound knowledge of Javascript Frameworks, you can develop more user-interactive apps.

Mobile app development process using javascript

The javascript framework has their own set of specifications and functionality for mobile app development. Somehow it creates a confusing situation for the mobile app developers to choose the right frameworks which fulfill their requirements. If you want to take the suggestions from different developers regarding the best javascript framework for your website, then they will recommend different framework based on their preferences.

Apps build on javascript frameworks

Here are the given 9 javascript framework helps you to choose the right one for your website.

Jquery Mobile: The jquery javascript framework is used to develop the apps which are accessible on all types of mobile devices quickly. It helps the developers to create their own customized theme and integrate them with other technologies. The Jquery mobile app development services provide lightweight codes because it uses the CSS3 and HTML5 for developing the app UI.

 Zepto: Zepto javascript framework refers to be the Jquery compatible open source framework which is specifically used for mobile web browsers such as chrome and safari. By using this framework, you can easily develop the mobile apps and replace them with larger libraries.

Meteor: The meteor is the high-quality javascript framework which is used to develop interactive mobile apps and gives you all the control over your app. In this framework, you don’t need to update the mobile app developed javascript code and use push function to perform the changes on all mobile platforms.

DHTMLX touch: The DHTMLX touch framework is embedded in javascript to provide an easy and effective way to build mobile apps that are compatible with all touchscreen devices. It helps the developers to develop robust mobile apps that can run on both devices such as Andriod and iOS and supports event handling.

Appcelerator Titanium: For developing cross-platform apps, you need Appcelerator titanium opensource javascript framework for your website. It never requires toolkits, languages, and methodologies for managing. As it is work with the MVC model to integrate the tabs, table views, camera, storage system as well as create agile apps quickly for your device.

Enyo: However, Enyo is the object-oriented cross-device define as a javascript framework which uses the HTML5 and javascript codes for developing mobile apps in different platforms such as Windows, Blackberry, Andriod, and iOS. It comes with many features which are used locally and at the international level.

Mobile app development using javascript

PhoneGap: The PhoneGap framework is based on the Cordova which is basically used in javascript APIs for connecting the native functions of the devices such as contacts and camera. It is built as a hybrid app for different platforms and comes with an IDE in emulation. As per the internet marketing firms, it represents as an app wrapper.

Sencha Touch: The sencha touch is the first HTML5 framework mostly develop for the tablets and smartphones. It defined as a fastest mobile app framework later on using the CSS3 codes for developing view controllers. As the sencha touch contain many developer-friendly features and set themes for several mobile platforms.

Mobile Angular UI: The mobile angular UI is generally developed for the angular lovers and comes with different features such as overlays, switches, sidebars, and top to bottom navbars. As it can carry out with different mobile components which are also available in Bootstrap 3.


All the javascript frameworks can provide high-quality features and offer different functionalities for developing a well operated mobile app. So, choose the one which fulfills your business need and saves your time and money.

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